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12 Best Affordable Grilling Ideas You Need To Try

Do you want some amazing grilling recipes for the summer? Well, grilling foods does not necessarily have to be expensive or complicated. In fact, you can try and experiment some of the best grilled foods in a pocket-friendly price. Summer is a great time to have a BBQ or grill food party with friends and family and if you are looking for some grilling ideas at an affordable price, you are at the right place. We have talked about some easy and affordable ideas for grilled foods that you can try at home. Read on to know more.

Easy & affordable grilled food ideas:

1. Grilled Broccoli

Broccoli is surely a healthy food which also tastes amazing if grilled. If you want to keep a vegetarian item in your grilled menu, then this can be a perfect addition. With the tinge of parmesan and lemon flavors in it, the grilled broccolis can taste great! The recipe is also quite simple and it doesn’t take much time to get grilled. You can serve the crisp-tender broccoli garnished with chili flakes and grilled lemon slices.

2. Grilled chicken pineapple

Grilled chicken is common but if you want to add a tangy tropical flavor to it without affected your budget, then this is the best idea. This is a popular dish of Hawaii and is quite easy. Simple marinating and grilling can create a mouth-watering juicy grilled pineapple chicken. It is a low carb recipe that can be served with some grilled pineapples too.

3. Grilled potato fans with cheese & onions

The grilled potatoes can never go out of trend. But yes, you can try a different way to present the grilled potatoes. Try to slice the potato halfway and create a fan like shape. Then, you have season it with spices and herbs and fill it with roasted garlic cloves. Do not forget to add some tender onions and parmesan cheese on it. This is one of the best options for the vegetarians to enjoy some scrumptious grilled foods.

4. Simple grilled pork chops

This is a simple, easy to make and affordable recipe to try out. All you have to do is to marinate the pork chops perfectly with all the preferred herbs, spices and oil. For better flavor and taste, marinate and refrigerate the pork chops overnight. Grill those pork chops next day and serve it with some grilled veggies on the side.

5. Grilled asparagus

The asparagus can surely be a great option to consider for some affordable grilling ideas. The grilled asparagus with the delicious barbecue flavor can serve as a perfect side dish for any grilled meat. In fact, you can also serve it along with some salads and rice too. Season it with some spices and herbs to add some flavors in it.

6. Mustard Turkey cultets

One of the best and most unique grilled foods that you can try in an affordable price is grilled turkey cutlets. With a tinge of sweetness in every bite, this recipe is perfect for all the mustard-lovers! Though the recipe feels fancy, it is quite easy to make and can be ideal for weeknights too.

7. Lemony grilled chicken breast

Do you love that tangy yet spicy flavor of the grilled foods? Then this is the right recipe for you. With the garlic, onions and a touch of lemon juice, the grilled chicken breast can taste heavenly for sure. It will bring a juicy grilled flavor with a tinge of lemon flavor for a refreshing summer meal.

8. Grilled jalapenos bacon roll

Are your friends or relatives coming over? Do not worry as this can be a perfect finger food to add with some drinks and other appetizers. It is also one of the most innovative yet affordable grilling ideas for you. Seasons the jalapenos properly as well as the bacon and then grill them. Once both are done, you can roll up each jalapeno with bacon to create a new dish that tastes amazingly delicious.

9. Grilled tilapia with tomato and lemon

For all the fish lovers, this dish can be the best one for you! Being a tasty fish itself, Tilapia can be a great option for grilling. If you want a perfect dish to add on the side of your rice or quinoa, then grilled tilapia can be a great choice. Add some tomatoes and lemon too to add the zesty flavor to the grilled fish. Enjoy the deliciousness of this grilled fish in your lunch or dinner.

10. Jalapeno lime grilled chicken drumsticks

This is one of the easiest and most affordable recipes with amazing taste. You just need 3 main ingredients for this i.e. chicken drumsticks, lime and jalapenos. Make a mixture of lime juice and jalapenos first and then rub it on the semi grilled chicken legs and grill them again. This recipe couldn’t get easier! Serve it along with some grilled lemon and jalapenos on the side.

11. Grilled spicy eggplants

If you are looking for some affordable grilling options to go well on the side with some grilled meats, then this is the one. Season it with some lemon and Cajun to bring a zesty and spicy flavor to the otherwise ordinary eggplant. You can serve it along with some grilled asparagus too (as mentioned above) for the vegetarian friends visiting you.

12. Grilled basil turkey breast

If guests are coming over and you need to level up your game, then this is the perfect option which is affordable too. Serve them with golden grilled turkey breasts with basil and cheese flavor. You can season it with some spices to add the spicy flavor to the grilled turkey breast. Serve it along with some grilled asparagus and cabbages to create a complete meal.

So, these are some of the best and most affordable grilled food ideas that you can try at home. Whether some guests are coming over or you are having an elaborate lunch or dinner with your family or friends at home, you can definitely try out these recipes. They can go great with rice and noodles too. These dishes are quite filling and also contain nutritional benefits too. All these dishes are quite healthy and can be consumed by anyone.

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