8 Types of BBQ Marinades

There are not many cookout items that do not use marinades. They are considered to be one of the most popular and indispensable ingredients for any type of food preparation. It is the result of marinating. It is the process that helps in soaking foods in acidic liquids for seasoning. The cooking is done after the food is seasoned through proven and time-tested methods of marinating. The word marinating has perhaps come because of the use of bring as far as the pickling process is concerned.

This process resulted in the development of a new technique where new flavors were added by immersing the same in different forms of liquid. Today there is no denying the fact that BBQ Marinades are becoming integral to almost each and every type of food item where there is a need for soaking one or more ingredients. You can use it for different types of meats and even those who are comfortable with vegetarian items can also make use of it. Further, if you are aware of pickles and other similar products, you can reasonably be sure that you will find that almost all types are made through a complete and total process of marinating.

Why are Marinades Important?

Marinades are important because they help to keep the grill flavoured and also moist. At the same time they are also healthier. There are dozens of marinating options available and new ones are also coming out. You are only limited by your imagination when it comes to marinating different combinations of foods in different types of liquids.

However, you have to do your research and then choose the right marinades that offer a complete package in terms of taste, ease of marinating and of course being able to offer a nutritious food that is healthy and easily digestible. While some types of marinating may go well with certain types of meat and other such food items, there are other types of marinating ideas that gel well with different types of food. Hence, in this article we will be looking at some of the best types of BBQ marinades that are popular, healthy and worth trying.

Marinade Using Teriyaki

If you are keen on getting that awesome teriyaki flavor and make it a part of your favorite dish then you have options to add teriyaki flavor to whatever you are grilling. The marinade can do wonders when it is added with poultry and pork but many people also love it with beef. It is easy to marinate and it is worth trying for sure.

Rosemary & Lemon Marinade

If you love pork, lamb and poultry you should try the lemon marinade or rosemary marinade. They are also perfectly suited for chicken. It is for those who love the unique lemon flavor for the chicken and other such meats that they buy from stores. However, when you try doing it on your own in the house, you have reasons to like it much better.

Marinade for Classic Steaks

Many people believe that a high quality steak may not need any help. However, if the steak quality is not as good as you want it to be, you could go in for marinating the steak. It can go well with beef but there are dozens of people who also use it for lamb, pork, poultry and chicken.

Pineapple Marinade

Pineapple marinade can certainly work wonders on chicken and pork. Further, if you love that unique Hawaiian flavor for your beef dishes, it makes sense to go in for this marinade option. There is no doubt that pineapple has a powerful aroma and it also has that unique property of sweetening and making the meat tender. This could be one of the best options when you are short on time and want something fast and quick.

Marinade Using Jamaican Jerk

We may all have come across jerk rubs and jerk seasonings. This is uniquely Jamaican marinade and it helps the meat to be perfectly soaked and marinated with that fantastic Jamaican Jerk flavor. It gets deep in the beat and the best thing is that the marinade can easily be used on different kinds of poultry and meat. However, there is a unique marinating process that has to be followed. You must ensure that the meat is marinated for the right amount. This will ensure that the flavors are infused properly.

Marinade Using Brisket

It does not matter whether you are grilling or smoking a brisket. You have many reasons to try out brisket marinade. This is because it has the capability to give you that fantastic capability of giving that wonderful flavor and also could help in tenderizing the meat. It is easy to marinate and should be the right option for all those who want to do something fast and unique.

Mexican Marinade

This indeed is great news for all those who love different types of Mexican style dishes. You will get that different and unique cilantro as well as lime flavor. It will be different because it will be able to overpower the odor and flavor of the meat which could be a problem for many.

Bulgogi Marinade

Korea has some of the most popular and well known meat dishes and almost all of them are made using some of the best marinating processes. Those who keep track of the various Korean meat dishes, would certainly have quite a few things to say about Korean Beef Bulgogi. This is one of the most popular and traditional types of Korean meat dishes. The Korean Bulgogi is unique and different in many ways. In this marinating, the beef steaks are cut into strips and then they are served on rice that is placed on lettuce leaves. There will hardly be any persons who will not love this marinated dish and therefore you should try it out.


If you love marinated foods then it is quite likely that you also would have liked this article and the information that has been shared in it. The above are just a few of the types of marinades and if you spend some time and do some research, it is quite obvious that you will be able to come across many more such marinated items. The list is quite big and you can marinate almost all types of meat and other related products and it is not restricted to pork, chicken, lamb meat, beef, etc.

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