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  • bbq smoker wood

    What is the Best BBQ Smoker Wood for Meat?

    If you are new to the world of smoking meat, maybe you just bought your first outdoor smoker, or you invested in a BBQ smoker box, you’re undoubtedly wondering what BBQ smoker wood should you choose for cooking meat. Not being an expert in smoking meat myself, I asked my uncle who is our BBQ […] More

  • meat on grill

    Holy Smoke! Finding Out Where the Best Smoked BBQ Comes From

    Nothing beats cooking in the backyard, especially when it’s bright and sunny. Smoking demands high-quality meat, a high-caliber barbeque smoker, and tons of patience since creating the impression that you smoked it as a pro depends upon the flavor penetrating the meat entirely. This cooking process, which may take hours or at times even days, […] More

  • different sauces

    Getting Saucy with your BBQ

    BBQ sauce is the perfect finishing touch to a meal that can easily take hours of your time to get to the table. Just as there is a multitude of choices in preparing barbecued meat or veggies, you can go wherever your imagination takes you when playing with sauce choices. A great trick to making […] More

  • meat on grill

    5 Most Delish BBQ Recipes for You to Try

    Are your guests coming over? Or your friends are visiting you? You can, definitely, treat them with some delicious home-cooked foods. There is nothing better than some scrumptious BBQ foods. They are tasty, easy to prepare and also can be served anytime. If you are looking for some amazing ideas and recipes for this, then […] More

  • sauce in open bottle

    Campfire Sauce: The “Mother” Of All Dips

    Sauces play a significant role in boosting the flavor of your food. If you think of kicking your dishes up a notch, taking your food recipes to a whole new level with the delicious campfire sauce will turn you into the best chef in the house. Not only does it add a little zing to […] More

  • meat and tomato in grill

    6 BBQ Ideas for Meat Lovers with Just a Hint of Veg

    We have combined some new BBQ ideas with some old classics to inspire you to discover more about your BBQ than just burning some sausages. We have chosen six of our favorite BBQ recipe ideas that mix some classic recipes, but we have added some original twists that will suit both the vegetarians and meat […] More

  • grilled boneless chicken bbq and cut tomato

    How to Prepare a Boneless BBQ Recipe Chicken with Ease?

    Is a BBQ Recipe Chicken complicated? No! Are you aware that a delicious BBQ chicken breast recipe doesn’t demand all those complicated rubs and marinades? All you need is to master these easy to follow BBQ recipe chicken cooking procedures and sweeten it with a BBQ sauce.  A delicious BBQ chicken is one of those […] More

  • barbecue

    8 Types of BBQ Marinades

    There are not many cookout items that do not use marinades. They are considered to be one of the most popular and indispensable ingredients for any type of food preparation. It is the result of marinating. It is the process that helps in soaking foods in acidic liquids for seasoning. The cooking is done after […] More

  • grilled hotdogs and meats

    Things to know for the best grilling result – BBQ Masters

    As more people enjoy grilling and eating their evening meals outside because they like to take advantage of the warm nights and longer days while they still can. Because of this, outdoor grilling has become increasingly popular, and it is now a firm favorite when it comes to summertime entertainment. Whether you are using a […] More

  • grilled shish kebab

    The most convenient electric grills

    Most people prefer to use the most convenient electric grills because they offer the best smoked food. But going to the electrical networks is also very convenient and, therefore, they are more preferred as they are more versatile and economical. This considers that none of the grids are perfect and according to individual needs the […] More

  • grilled ribs

    The Best Marinade to Make the Best BBQ

    To make the best BBQ it is not necessary to be a great chef. The only thing that can make your BBQ magical is the way you marinade the stuff. It is very easy to marinade the chunks of prawns, meat, or fish if you follow a few basic rules. After chopping the stuff into […] More

  • marinated meat

    The best ideas for upcoming bbq party

    Summer has arrived and with it, the good weather and the family parties outdoors. And what’s the best outdoor celebration you can organize in the middle of summer to beat the heat? A big barbecue with our family and friends. Although the current health circumstances prevent us from holding large celebrations with the freedom we […] More

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