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Everything You’ll Need for an Irresistible BBQ Side Dish

BBQ sides are the magical trump card for any barbecue dish you are preparing. Not only do they taste good, but they’re also very easy to make! In just a minute or two, you can accentuate the flavor of your BBQ meal without having to spend too much time preparing the side dish. Plus, sides are very affordable and customizable whether you like them to be extra spicy, sweet, sour, salty, or tangy. Sides are always a good idea for any BBQ recipe. If you’d like to master the art of making BBQ sides, here’s everything you’ll need.

1. The Big Book of Barbecue Sides

Some people say you need culinary experts to teach you how to create perfect BBQ recipes for sides – and that’s absolutely correct. However, doing this will involve a lot of money and time spent attending classes. But, what if you had years of experience and more than 125 BBQ recipes all smooshed in one book? Well, The Big Book of Barbecue Sides has everything you’ll ever need to learn about sides. The author, Rick, is a barbeque master who is also an executive producer, a host of Barbeque America, and a barbecue aficionado.

What’s impressive about this BBQ recipes book is the fact that it is simple to follow, and beginner-friendly. Well, that’s to be expected from a man who has mastered every aspect of both barbecuing and food journalism. What this book gives you is the benefit of years of professional experience, creative culinary ideas, and the fiery passion of a man who has dedicated his entire career to making barbecue meals.


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2. RINKMO Gas Grill, 2020 Upgrade 670 sq inch 3 Burner 36,000 BTU-per-Hour Input Stainless Steel Liquid Propane Grill, Movable BBQ Grills with Side Burner, Cart Style

Of course, you’ll need a trustworthy grill to make BBQ recipes and sides. If you prefer an outdoor gas grill, the RINKMO Gas Grill is a perfect choice. It effectively fuses both style and durability in one multipurpose unit. The RINKMO Gas Grill is great for people who wish to cook simultaneously as it can carry four full-sized chickens, five racks of ribs, and twenty-four burgers! And you no longer need to worry about where to cook your sides as its wide side burner can be used to simmer your preferred sauce and pre-cook vegetables of your choice.

The most impressive feature of this grill is probably the HD-PE wheels, which ensure it is stable even on unbalanced surfaces. That way, you can grill and prepare your sides without worrying about everything toppling over. The grill has three stainless steel dual-tube burners that heat up your meal faster and evenly.

The RINKMO Gas Grill is something you can invest in not just for preparing BBQ sides but also for grilling barbecue. If you want a grill that will allow you to prepare your BBQ recipes faster and more effectively, this is the one to get.


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3. Maxi-Matic Indoor Electric Nonstick Grill Adjustable Thermostat, Dishwasher Safe, Faster Heat Up, Low-Fat Meals, Easy To Clean Design, Includes Glass Lid, 14″ Round

The Maxi-Matic Indoor Electric Nonstick Grill Adjustable Thermostat allows you to do more without actually putting in more effort. This indoor electric grill has a removable 120V/1300W thermostat control with 5 adjustable settings (up to 450°F) that helps with cooking multiple dishes at the same time. It has a nonstick surface for making the best BBQ recipes.

The Maxi-Matic is perfect for people who want to eat healthier without compromising the bliss of grilled meals and sides. The unit has a circular heating system that drips away oil and fats. As for cleaning, this indoor grill has dishwasher safe parts that are super easy to take apart and put back together. Whether you’re making sides or a grilled meal, the Maxi-Matic is an excellent choice.


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4. bibigo Sauce Gochujang Sauce Hot & Sweet, 11.5 Oz

Korea is known for many great things. One of these things is their gochujang sauce that is perfect for different BBQ recipes! bibigo Sauce Gochujang Sauce Hot & Sweet is a blend of spicy, sweet, and savory flavors. Whether you’re making barbecue sides, hamburgers, or anything else, this sauce comes in handy.  

Using this sauce is the perfect way to add a bit of Asian flavor to your BBQ dishes. The name ‘bibigo’ is actually derived from the Korean word “mix” and “go.”


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5. NOH Korean Barbecue (Kal Bi), 1.5-Ounce Packet, (Pack of 12)

If you’re looking for something fresh and unique to spice up your BBQ, the NOH Korean Barbecue (Kal Bi) is just what you need. This seasoning is a mix of Asian and Hawaiian flavors. It is perfect for both BBQ meals and sides. This product is free of MSG. The seasoning is very easy to use. It has a unique, zesty taste that fits nicely in different BBQ recipes.


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