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The Best BBQ Sauce That Upgrades Your Grilling Experience

Grilling is a kind of serious job. Before you consider picking up the tongs, remember that there are lots of meat options, different cooking styles, and BBQ sauce. The grill is heated to the best temperature possible, and you have got a thick, juicy piece of meat.

Preparing a great BBQ sauce right at your home is something that takes the barbecue to the final level. It is quite easy to make delicious sauces, and it may take around 30 minutes. Hence, before taking on the next BBQ session, engage yourself in preparing the perfect homemade sauce.

Try to match the sauce’s style and the meat

Only the best chefs understand that a great barbeque sauce needs to introduce a new flavor to the dish and accompanying the meat at the same time. Hence, the common question that should be going in your mind would be, “What kind of BBQ sauce should go well with this particular dish?”

Before getting started, choose the type of barbeque sauce bases on the following.

  • Vinegar – It is undoubtedly one of the common foundational ingredients you would find in all the barbeque sauce recipes. Whether you grill or smoke your meat, the punchy, tangy flavor of vinegar churns out the natural taste of pork shoulder or whole hog.
  • Vinegar and tomato – The sauce made from the combination of these ingredients delivers almost similar zest like that of vinegar-only sauce. However, the extra sweetness of tomatoes is something a bit different from the former. These sauces work wonders while you are marinating rib tips and pork ribs, especially when you are trying to achieve a mouth-watering taste comprising of both sweet and salty.
  • Sugar and tomato – BBQ sauces tend to taste and look more like than you can imagine. And, it appears like a glaze. This is specifically because of the large amount of sugar in them. Meats rich in fats, such as beef brisket and ribs, mixes with the flavors these sauces tend to deliver.
  • Mustard – Barbeque sauces based on mustard are considered on a separate sauce spectrum. Spice and tang in excess give your dish a touch of South Carolina taste. Also, with the ready sour and sweet flavor of mustard, it is clear why many people dress their chicken and pork with mustard-based BBQ sauce.

It is nice to balance the flavors

Many sauce experts know the challenge that comes along with while finding the proper balance between tartness and sweetness in barbeque recipes. That means you need to get comfortable with mixing spices through the entire cooking process.

This way, you can make the dish hit your taste buds in the right manner. In short, a different type of spices such as brown sugar, black pepper, molasses, paprika, ground mustard, coriander, oregano, and garlic powder could be mixed to get a unified taste.

In addition, salt is the best way to highlight the sauce’s sweetness and terminating the bitter elements. So, whenever you feel that your sauce needs a kick, you should add something extra into it. This way, you can attain the perfect sauce for your BBQ.

Try mixing in some spices to the sauce to the preferred heat level. Certain spicy ingredients such as chili powder, jalapenos, cayenne pepper, or fresh onions could be mixed to your BBQ sauce.

Don’t hesitate to shake things up sometimes

The only secret to a great BBQ sauce right at your home is finding the proper combination of spice, sour, sweet, and acidity. However, it greatly depends on your personal preference on how to include the ingredients in accurate proportions to derive the preferred taste.

These days, you can find different kinds of BBQ sauce recipes at home that includes everything from bourbon, soda, and maple syrup to red wine and citrus fruits. Therefore, the next time you are preparing the best BBQ sauce for your dish, make sure what to include in the ingredients to get the appetizing flavor.

When to apply the BBQ sauce?

Because the most popular meats to grill consist of beef, pork, and chicken, let’s discuss these types of meat. And, find how to apply BBQ sauce in a correct way.

BBQ saucing on beef

  • When it is about beef, it is good to apply the sauce prior to cooking. Then you need to cook the meat for a couple of hours, or so
  • While you are cooking the meat, add BBQ sauce every hour
  • You may remove the piece of meat from the grill after reaching the final stages of cooking. Add more sauce to it and wrap the piece in an aluminum foil. You can cook the covered meat a bit longer on the grill. As such, the last part of the BBQ sauce tends to stick on the meat, and it helps to make the meat even more flavorful

BBQ saucing on pork

  • Right after cooking the meat, apply BBQ sauce to it
  • Depending on the temperature along with the kind of sugar, the sweet sauce may get sticky and even burn. Hence, you need to apply the sauce at the final stages of cooking. Add the sauce 15 to 30 minutes before removing the meat
  • For better results, warm the sauce in a microwave and take the chill off
  • Brushing the sauce is important, but don’t drown the meat. Apply many thin coatings and build layers

BBQ saucing on chicken

  • While coating the chicken with sauce, be sure to do it hard. You need to cover all parts of it with lots of sauce
  • Coat one side of the meat and allow the piece to cook for about 4 to 5 minutes. Turn the meat over, and coat another side with the sauce
  • A thick sauce would be better in this case. A vinegar-based sauce would be thin, runny, and won’t cover the meat well. A thick sauce ensures the meat is coated well and cooks evenly


When it is about grilling, there are different techniques to create the perfect meal. Make use of the best BBQ sauces you like to improve the taste of your meat. Never let a barbeque go by without a tempting BBQ sauce. And always use the best and most convenient bbq grill.

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