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The best ideas for upcoming bbq party

Summer has arrived and with it, the good weather and the family parties outdoors. And what’s the best outdoor celebration you can organize in the middle of summer to beat the heat? A big barbecue with our family and friends.

Although the current health circumstances prevent us from holding large celebrations with the freedom we would like, we can still organize small barbecues in which we invite our family and closest friends with whom we can feel safe to organize a party of these characteristics; of course there must be certain basic safety measures, but if they are people from our closest social circle the risk will always be minimal.

Next, to make the organization of that barbecue much easier for you and to be able to design it totally to your liking, we are going to give you all kinds of ideas with which you will be able to be inspired to create an incredible thematic barbecue, full of activities and decorative elements that will make all your guests remember it for years.

Ready to organize the best BBQ of the year?

We begin!

The best ideas for upcoming bbq party

Barbecue dinner in the courtyard

You may think that a barbecue dinner doesn’t fit with the traditional idea we all have about a great family barbecue, but the truth is that more and more people are deciding to reinvent that concept and bring a more “intimate” and elegant touch to this celebration; which will not take away the fun factor or make the delicious food disappear.

If you have a large backyard in your home, this will be your best opportunity to transform it into a warm and charming place to gather your family in the moonlight. To decorate this type of barbecue, you can start by using white linen tablecloths; fresh flowers in glass vases like sunflowers or daisies; white Christmas garlands; candles; wooden benches covered with sheets and blankets for the cooler ones; and simple white porcelain or reusable dishes to match the rest of the decoration.

As for the menu, if you want to vary the traditional assortment of grilled meats and sausages and give your personal touch to the dinner, what you can do is cook only two types of meat such as salmon or veal steak and avoid copious garnishes with large amounts of sauce; replace them with large salad bowls and light sauces.

With all these elements, your evening barbecue will undoubtedly be different from anything you have ever seen before. But remember that the most important thing in this type of event is not the decoration, but the company.

Old West Barbecue

If you love cowboy movies and like everything to do with Western settings, now is the best time to organize your own Old West themed barbecue. Ready to transport your guests to a celebration of cowboys and Indians? Here’s what you need to do!

The first thing you have to do to create a Texas desert atmosphere is to use the colors of this place for all your decorations: red, green, brown, yellow and beige. Then you can try to use red checkered tablecloths next to green or brown reusable dishes; this will give it a more rustic touch and typical of the taverns that were in the desert during that time.

As far as the menu is concerned, the food of the Old West is not far from the food that makes up an authentic American barbecue right now. It is very important that you try to avoid the typical hot dogs and substitute them with large pieces of grilled meat, roasted peppers, corn on the cob, cold beer and tequila; this will make it a real cowboy feast.

Finally, to make your barbecue even more realistic and give it an extra touch of fun, you can hand out cowboy hats and handkerchiefs to all the guests at the entrance. Your Old West barbecue party will be a success! Giddyup, cowboy!

Film session with outdoor barbecue

One way to celebrate a BBQ in a different and entertaining way is to create your own outdoor movie theater while preparing a delicious barbecue. We all like movies and popcorn, but if you add to that being outdoors, with friends and enjoying a great banquet in pure American style, things get better.

To prepare your marathon cinema with an outdoor barbecue, the first thing you’ll need is a good projector where you can all enjoy the best films of the decade. When it comes to decorating a movie marathon with barbecue there is nothing written, being a great idea to buy popcorn cartons and cook up to three different types of popcorn: butter, salt and caramel; because nobody can resist eating popcorn while at the movies!

As for the menu, you shouldn’t barbecue too big, since you’ll have to combine the meat with other sweet foods typical of a film session, such as popcorn or some ice cream, so you’d better make some grilled meat and accompany it with a light salad and grilled corn on the cob.

With all these elements you will surely create an unforgettable movie marathon for all your guests. Summer nights are perfect to spend in good company while enjoying a good movie. Fun is guaranteed!

Beer Festival

If there’s one thing that complements a barbecue perfectly, it’s beer. Everyone knows that a good American barbecue is not the same if there are no gallons of cold beer to enjoy it with. But what if instead of buying a single type of beer, you organize a tasting of the best craft beers of your region while you enjoy a great family barbecue?

To prepare it, the first thing you will have to do is go in search of all kinds of craft beers for your guests to taste during the party (preferably rare beers that few people have tried before) and buy labels so that diners can rate them as they eat. The rest is simple: prepare a great barbecue with all kinds of grilled meats and corn on the cob.

We all like a barbecue, but if you add to that the ability to participate in a fun beer tasting with friends, the fun is multiplied. Don’t hesitate to put it into practice!

These are four of the best original barbecue ideas that are sure to make you the best party host this summer. Do you want to prepare a memorable and fun-filled barbecue? Don’t hesitate to use our tips!

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