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The ten must have bbq smoker accessories

The ten must have bbq smoker accessories

As soon as the finer weather approaches people start looking to show off their outdoor culinary skills. Barbecuing, while a lot of fun can sometimes challenge and even be a daunting task, especially if you’re under pressure to cook for a larger audience

The easiest way to make the whole barbecuing experience more comfortable is to be prepared, but also to have as many tools at hand designed to improve your culinary skills.

In this list we include 10 of the best BBQ smoker accessories that every outdoor chef should have.

#1. A fire starting charcoal chimney

Investing in a charcoal chimney should be a simple decision. Unless you’re a huge fan of the painstaking process of correctly stacking your charcoal using a chemical fire starter.

For those of you who are experienced lighter fluid, charcoal fire starters, please stop as it’s just ridiculously dangerous.

Once you buy yourself a chimney starter, all you have to do is scrunch up a few paper towels, add two teaspoons of oil, pour your charcoal into your chimney starter. Place the chimney over your ball of paper towels, light them safely and it will be ready in about 10 to 20 minutes.

#2 A high quality Meat Thermometer – preferable wireless

Anyone who’s ever tried to barbecue successfully without having a high quality meat thermometer on hand has instantly left themselves handicapped from the start. Even if your smoker comes with a built-in thermometer, this is not sufficient as they have proven themseleves to be notoriously inaccurate.

One of the best accessories you’ll ever buy is a dual probe barbecue thermometer, they design these to let you test the temperature of your meat and the temperature of your cooker at the same time

The latest models are completely wireless, then will allow you to check the temperatures without ever leaving your couch. Remember, smoking is all about low, slow and consistent temperatures.

#3. A reliable BBQ tongs

Most people will try to avoid burning their hands as much as possible while barbecuing and they’ve learned from experience that a cheap grilling tongs would only come back to bite you.

You should always have two grilling songs on hand. A cheap set just to move the charcoal around. and a reliable and sturdy one for moving your food. Your barbecue songs will probably end up being your most used barbecue tool, so it’s probably worth your while investing in a high quality barbecue tool set

#4 A meat thermometer that offers instant readings

I know what you’re going to say, but this thermometer will serve a singular purpose.. Wi-Fi thermometers monitor the heat of your meat and your grill when you’re involved in long cookouts.

Whereas we use an instant-read thermometers for standard grilling. They’re especially useful when cooking chicken and steak as a few degrees of a difference can have a large impact on the safety and quality of the meat.

#5. A mop/brush for basting

The vast majority of barbecue recipes will involve basting the meat with a marinade in order to keep the meat moist and add some flavor. Purchasing a high quality barbecue mop or a brush that has a longer handle and a durable head is an excellent investment. Most standard brushes that you buy for a kitchen cupboard aren’t designed to deal with the heat of barbecues.

#6. A butcher’s block

This is an accessory that’s often overlooked, but once you purchase one you will soon understand how essential it will be. Even if you’re trying to cook an average size brisket, it would be too large for any standard cutting board designed for the kitchen

Also, if you’ve invested in high quality knives. Only using them on a high quality wood board would help protect their edge.

#7. A top quality boning knife

After going through a variety of barbecue knives, I find myself time and time again reaching for the high quality boning knife that I bought years ago, The shape of the blade makes it perfect for trimming any unnecessary fat from my meat. They are also perfect for tidying up slabs of ribs.

#8. A set of BBQ heat-resistant gloves

Obviously your first goal when barbequing is to create deliciously tasty and smoky meat, but your second goal should be to achieve this without having to worry about burning your hands.

Most experienced BBQ chefs will tell you they have suffered some burning or scalding on their hands down through the years. Whether you’re trying to handle or move the charcoal in your grill, or just turning the food should want to do this without being burnt. A pair of BBQ gloves that are heat resistant makes this safer and easier.

#9. A rib rack

Everybody loves smoked or barbecued ribs. The biggest problem people encounter is finding space on their smoker. This is especially problematic for anyone working with the more compact round smokers that you find today. Instead of having to run out to buy a larger one a rib rack is a much cheaper and effective investment

#10. Keep your grill area clean with the right BBQ grill brus

So many people have spent $1,000 on a high quality barbecue and walked out of the shop without even picking up a grill brush for $10.

Once you get into the habit of using a good grill brush to keep your grill clean you both while cooking and after every cook you’ll understand what I’m talking about The best way to clean your grill is after you finish cooking, turn the temperature up for about 10 minutes and take your wire brush and use it to remove that has built up on the grill while it’s still fresh.

The only thing you should have to do the next time you’re looking for an outdoor grilling adventure is to take your grill and clean it using water while your smoker or grill is heating.

Always put it back in the smoker or grill to make sure that heats before you ever place food on it. It’s also a good idea to give a quick scan of the grill to make sure you left no stray wires were behind as they can sometimes make their way into your food.

Having said all this we don’t want you to become obsessed with buying every accessory you can for your barbecue there are hundreds on the market, but investing in a few simple high quality items will save you a lot of hassle and time.

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