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Things to Know for the Best Grilling Result – BBQ Masters

As more people enjoy grilling and eating their evening meals outside because they like to take advantage of the warm nights and longer days while they still can.

Because of this, outdoor grilling has become increasingly popular, and it is now a firm favorite when it comes to summertime entertainment.

Whether you are using a smoker, a gas grill or charcoal grill start there are a few things to know for the best grilling result. Here are some of my favorite tricks and tips to get the best out of your drilling time

#1 Always allow the meat to warm up

Never taking meat straight from the fridge onto the grill, first, let it sit at room temperature for at least 30 minutes. The key to grilling a great steak is for it to spend as little time at the highest temperature possible on the grill.

When a cold steak hits a hot grill, it just takes much too long to cook and it starts to get tough. In an ideal scenario, the middle of your steak should be just a little colder than the outside just before you start the grill. Getting this right will help you to create the perfect medium-rare steaks.

#2. Don’t be scared to season

The bigger and juicier the steak you have, the better you should use seasonings. Make sure you rub as much salt and pepper into the steak as you think it can handle. I’ve learned that a reliable rule of thumb is to season twice as much as I feel a steak will need. Read bbq recipes for guidance.

#3. Make sure you grate is clean

Ensure your grill is as clean as possible before you start. One of the best things you can invest in is making a good grill brush. Before ever cooking, pre-heat the frill and give it a good scrub to remove anything that may remain from your previous session. After you scrub the grill, rub a little bit of oil, across the whole grate.

#4. Wait for the grill to heat up

Gauging the heat of a grill, it’s not always easy, but one of those simple methods is merely holding the palm of your hand 4 inches above the grill grate. Slowly count to four if the grill is hot enough. You shouldn’t be able to count past three without having to remove your hand. If you’re looking for a medium to high heat, you should be able to count to four or five. If you’re looking for a Low to medium heat, you may be able to count to eight.

#5 Have separate heat zones

if you’re using an old fashioned kettle grill you should stack coals in the center of the restaurant and cook all the food in the middle. This is where the heat is highest as the food begins to char. You can move it to the outer edge of the grill what is that finished cooking without actually burning. If you’re using a gas grill this is much more comfortable to control as you can leave one section on high and a different one on medium

#6 Reduce or avoid a flare-ups

ideally, you would like to altogether avoid flare-ups what this is not a reality, so when they occur want you to do.

  • Remove the food from the direct flames.
  • Try and close the lid as this may deprive fire to oxygen and as a consequence extinguish the flames.
  • Having a spray bottle of water nearby is never a bad idea. Be sure to use it sparingly as you could stir up do ash and make the fire spread.
  • If you have to you could cover the flame with salt and baking soda do you think we should

#6. Try not to poke or move the food around

Don’t be in a hurry to turn your steaks allow their crusts to become seared before flipping. Just leave them; otherwise, they might get stuck to the grates. Checking to see if something is done dont stab meats with a fork or knife, doing this will allow juices to escape making your meat less flavorful and dryer.

#7 Buy a grill mat

The addition of a grill mat can help keep part of the grill clean and prevent flare-ups from oil dripping onto the flames. All you have to do when you are finished is toss the mat into the dishwasher to clean and you are ready for the next bbq party.

#8. When in a hurry always skewer

If you’re running out of time, and the decision to grill was a last-minute one instead of trying to cook large chunks of meat, cut them into manageable sizes, and make some kebabs.

This idea of soaking your skewers first is entirely unnecessary, always going to burn anyway but never really catching on fire.

a great way to help cook sausages on the grill is to put two skewers through them. One on each end, this also works for chicken, shrimp, and other meats by stopping them from curling as they cook

Last but not least doing cram as many things that you can onto skewers allowing space between the foods and they will cook a lot faster

#9 Be patient with the sauce

The timing of when you put your sauce on the food is essential, especially ones that contain any sugar, as these can quickly caramelize or burn even negatively impact the taste of food.

#10. Always use a bbq thermometer

Some people swear by the touch test to tell when their steaks are other meat is cooked. Personally. I try to be a little more scientific and always have a meat thermometer handy. This is the only way you can honestly know if grilled meat is cooked correctly. If you can get the correct internal temperature, this will make your grilling efforts far more consistent.

#11. Let it rest before you eat

Last but not least, the most challenging step is when you take the meat off the grill is to wait for at least five minutes before you eat it.

This will allow only juices to settle. You can also help preserve the meats grilled taste and tastes great by putting them on a cooling rack. I hope that these things to know for the best grilling result will help enjoy many years of happy grilling.

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