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Why Buying an Electric Smoker is a Good Idea?

The recent advances in BBQ electric smoker technology have meant that these devices have become increasingly popular. People have realized there are many advantages to using them. Here are 10 to the best reasons to buy an electric smoker.

They’re not as expensive to run as you might think.

Most electric smokers use less than 800 watts of electricity every hour. If you were to smoke meat every day for 8 hours, your costs would break down as follows. 

800 x 8 = 6,400 this translates to 6.4 kilowatts per hour. So, multiply this by 30 days, then your total power consumption will be 192 KW. Electrical charges will vary depending on where you live. But a simple calculation will show you is that new electric smokers are much cheaper to operate than you think and can be done so without having to worry about high electricity bills. 

It will need much less supervision.

When you use an electric smoker, you don’t have to keep monitoring it the same as when you’re using a propane or a charcoal smoker as the process is not going to be interrupted when your fuel becomes depleted. As they run entirely electric smokers on electricity meaning, it has a constant power supply. Setting it is all you have to do, and you are free to do whatever else you want while you wait for your meat to smoke.

Better for the environment

Electricity is a much cleaner energy source than charcoal or propane; it also means that your food will be more hygienic, and it will contain far fewer contaminants. 

Newer electric smokers come with thermostats and rheostats.

When you combine these two devices, your smoker maintains a consistent internal temperature, allowing your food to cook as evenly as possible. Anytime the temperature rises above what you have set, a circuit will automatically brake, and the temperature drops immediately. This level of control is not possible using a charcoal or propane smoker.

A perfect device for inexperienced smokers

If you’re new to smoking meats, start off using an electric smoker as you need not be a guru to use one. The process involves straightforward, especially compared to propane or charcoal smokers, where you must know a lot more to begin the process.

Electric smokers are safer.

Propane and charcoal smokers are far more dangerous than electric smokers, and they’re also much smaller and more compact than a propane smoker. For someone new to smoking meat, they would be far more confident using an electric smoker.

Far less residue to worry about

There’s far less waste that you need to worry about cleaning up. This is down to the fact that modern electric smokers are far more efficient and use much less fuel than propane or charcoal smokers.

Easier to maintain and clean

They usually make modern electric smokers from stainless steel. Designed in a fashion that you’re cooking meat will not stick to the side of the smoker. This means once you’re finished smoking, you’ve far less cleaning to do than you would with other devices.

More efficient use of energy

Because of the thick stainless steel used in most electric smokers, these devices redistribute and absorb the heat created, making them far more energy efficient. As a result, your food will be cooked more efficiently and evenly. 

Sturdy design

It isn’t challenging to find a high-quality electric smoker that has been designed using very sturdy steel legs. Because of this, many people safely smoke meat overnight, without ever having to worry about the device falling over or being knocked over accidentally. 

Key considerations when buying an electric smoker

The cost of the device

Experts advise that you spend at least $250 on your electric smoker. Otherwise, you may just be wasting your time and money. When you shop around, you’ll see many cheap devices being listed for $100 down $150, but we advise that these do not tempt you. 

They’re inexpensive for good reason as they’re made from cheaper materials and rarely have the insulation or the temperature control facilities. Many people end up buying affordable devices as they’re new to smoking, but all that will happen is within a month or two, this device will stop working. Or they quickly understand its deficiencies leading to spending a lot more money to replace it.

Digital Temperature Controls

Electric smokers that contain digital temperature controls are excellent for several reasons. An electric smoker with a built-in digital controller will allow you to set your temperature and maintain it over time by adjusting the amount of electricity you pass through with a heating element. 

When you have a device that maintains a consistent temperature, it will be far more comfortable to follow recipes exactly as the instructions tell you. For example, if the recipe requires you to smoke ribs for 3 hours at 225F for 4 hours at 200F, this is more easily achievable with an electric smoker. 

Insulation is crucial

Always purchase an electric smoker constructed using a minimum of double insulation, which means that the device has additional insulation placed between two steel layers. This insulation level makes the device more energy efficient and allows you to use an electric smoker in colder weather. Without this additional layer of insulation, you will notice significant temperature drops throughout the process, making the timing of your smoking much more difficult. 

The device’s capacity

You need to consider the capacity of the electric smoker you want to purchase, and these are usually measured in a few different ways. 

Figuring out the size of the device that best suits your needs will probably be down to your individual preferences, but here are a few things that you need to take into account.

There are many advantages to electric smokers, and anyone who’s a meat lover should add this to their armory. Rest assured that as soon as you use one, you’ll quickly discover that there are many other advantages. However, if you are using the traditional ways to smoke your BBQ through BBQ smoker wood

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